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About this project:

Rebuilding a website as expansive as this one takes a lot of work. The original PHP site ran into a quarter of a million lines of code, with over 400 functions an 80+ database tables, and with complex automation to boot. It's quite a challenge.

Open Road Media is rebuilding this website from scratch, with an all-new interface, streamlined functions, and a fresh automation system, ticking all the boxes and weighing in at a fraction of the size. We've built new processes to address the intricate permissions required in order to easily manage the many staff, contractors and clients across a wide range of projects.

This is an ongoing development. Stay tuned!

The old website evolved over several years, as and when new needs arose, but it was done without the necessary professional planning. As a result, it was very complex and difficult to update. The Open Road rebuild is coming along very nicely and the planning and design process is clean and simple. The new website is much easier to work with. The convenience of managing mailboxes, a complicated permission matrix and client data directly from the website can't be overstated. Extremely satisfied with developments so far and looking forward to the relaunch!
See it for yourself: