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This website is not only going to be the blog of Burtman, adventure-seeker, office-dodger and van tinkerer; it's also going to be a growing resource for people who are new to the van life.

In these pages, you'll find technical descriptions and guides for building important systems like electricity and water supplies, useful lessons and tips on security, parking, and much more, honest and unbiased reviews of the places I stumble across along the way, and plenty of information to help you find, design, build and maintain your own home on wheels. And that's not to mention plenty of stories, photographs and videos from my trips, a handful of creative extras and interesting projects from friends and strangers alike.

You can follow my journeys in maps and media, and my evolving playlist page is self-explanatory.

Oh, and by the way, if you like this website, you might like to know it was designed and built on the beach in sunny Spain.
One of my other projects is developing and hosting websites just like this one. You can check out some of my work and hire me for your own projects over at the Open Road section!

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