Waking With The Town

Posted by Burtman on
Jun 29, 23:16.
June 29 2023, 11:16 pm.

Nov 21, 01:33.
November 21 2023, 01:33 am.

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Mornings don't usually work out. I'm a late riser and I like it that way.

It's probably because I see so few of them that I find the mornings mezmerizing. And just now and then, I manage to scrape myself out of bed early enough to go and take a look.

On one morning, in particular, there was a thick fog in the mountains but the sun was determined to burn through it. When it did, the vision was spectacular. The icy wind, not so much, but it was worth the two mile walk to catch the light as it barreled down the highway with the log trucks behind it and caught the pylons off guard with an epic backlight that begged to be witnessed.

I caught what I caught, and I was happy to take home those little treasures so I could share them with you.

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