Burtman's Privacy Policy

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General Statement
Everything is this policy appears voluntarily because your trust is important.
For that reason, everything you need to know is here in plain English, without legalese jargon or any other trickery.
If you have any questions, please ask them on the contact page.

Volunteered information
Any information you send to, or via, this website, its connected social media accounts, or any other related, publically viewable accounts,
including comments and mentions, are considered publically available information.
Information sent in any way with a reasonable expectation of privacy is considered private for the purposes of this policy.

All such information included in, and connected to, such transmissions of information are classed as volunteered information.

What about cookies?
This site sets one cookie when you arrive, which allows you to sign into your account.
That cookie is used by some functions, such as choosing post categories, in order to serve the relevant purpose.
Clearing your cookies destroys this information.

If you don't have an account, or you don't wish to sign into it on a particular visit,
you can happily continue with cookies entirely disabled, and it will not affect the fucntionality of the site.

Your cookie is encrypted in order to secure your information, and it is never shared with any other site or service.

Ah, but what about all those tracking technologies?
HTML5 Canvas?
We don't touch it.

Not interested.

Sneaky javascript beacon thing?

Image-embedded tracking? Email image call-home? Anything like that?
None of it. HTML email resources are not tracked (you can verify it by checking the source) and you always have the option to switch to plain text emails.

Some other creepy tracking method that's conveniently not mentioned?
Hell-to-the-no. Read line one of this policy to see why Burtman's not tempted by these sinful things.

And how about connected sites?
At no point will this website ever employ underhanded methods to obtain information about any visitor,
nor will any advertiser, sponsor, donor, supporter or long-lost-uncle be permitted to use this site as a vector for the same.

As the site develops, some external websites may be linked to it, but rest assured, none of the government's data-mining tools like facebook, linked-in, twitter, google, etc., will be among them. Burtman favors independent, socially-responsible and non-profit organizations.

Burtman uses the smallest possible amount of javascript.
The pages that use javascript are:

Playlist : The music is embedded from SoundCloud
The relevant domains are soundcloud.com and sndcdn.com. If you don't want to allow javascript from SoundCloud, the audio tracks will not play.

Maps : The maps are currently provided by Google, although alternative arrangements are in the pipe. The relevant domains are google.com, maps.googleapis.com and gstatic.com. If you don't want to allow javascript from Google, the map will not be displayed but the location names will still be shown.

Donate : Finally, there are a couple of small javascript functions on this domain; one which scales the main menu for smaller screens and one which loads the QR codes for the Burtman crypto wallets. If you don't want to allow javascript for this website, the QR codes will not display for the crypto wallets but the addresses will still be shown, and the main menu will not function on small screens.

Everything else will work properly without javascript, and you can still make a donation with the plain text wallet address (thank you ).

Limitation Of Use
All information gathered about you by any means is treated in the strictest confidentialiy at all times, and is only stored for as long as is necessary in order to serve its purpose.
Publically viewable information remains publically viewable until you delete it.
All personally identifiable information is permanently deleted from our systems as soon as it is no longer required in order to provide services. For example, even if you don't have a supporter account, we need your email address in order to send you updates, unless and until you unsubscribe from the mailing list.

In the case that removal of comments or other postings may damage the integrity of other information, especially information that is helpful to others, the posting may be censored according to your request, but not deleted. In such cases, the posting may also be unlinked from your profile to provide a degree of anonymity.

Your information is never shared with anyone, for any reason.
Publically viewable information that has been indexed by search engines is impossible to remove. Please be thoughtful what you enter on public pages.

Transmission And Storage
All information transmitted to this website is encrypted by default, using the industry standard SSL protocol.
All personal information in our database is stored in an encrypted state (Secure At Rest), which prevents its use in the unlikely event that the database is compromised.

Anything else?
If you found Burtman through a search engine, social media platform, or another site's referral, that information is noted and used anonymously, for statistics gathering, only.

Rest assured that this information is not linked to any identifiable information about you, and once the monthly anonymous traffic report is compiled, the specific information is permanently deleted. If you would like to know anything else about security and privacy on this site, just ask.

Last, but definitely not least;

Whenever you connect to any website, your browser sends certain information about your device and location to those sites. These days, there are an obscene amount of underhanded ways that advertising companies and vested interests spy on you.

If you want to stay private online, consider using a VPN like RiseUp VPN, and if you can afford to do so, please consider supporting the people who provide these free services to protect your privacy and freedom with a donation. They certainly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the site!